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Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
of their base believes that shutting down the government or going -- not raising the debt ceiling, something like that, won't have any bad effect because government is so useless. >> so here is where we are where i see it. >> they've been led into a fantasy. >> republicans are saying you give us entitlements or we're going to do this. that's really what it measures down to right now where we are early in this conversation, less than 60 days away. john nichols, great to have you with us tonight. thank you so much. >>> there is a lot more coming up in the next half hour of "the ed show." stay with us. voices rise up against having a gun control discussion. >> that's way -- way in extreme of what i think is necessary or even should be talked about. >> but vice president joe biden's task force wants more than the assault weapons ban. we've got the details on the latest measures ahead. >>> dick cheney's right hand man is back in the mix. david addington pushed for legal powers for the bush administration, but now has a surprising new mission. >>> and filibuster reform may be in reach. >> senators
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Jan 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
, doug. >> i want to point outgoing over the debt ceiling doesn't cut spending. the fact that the treasury doesn't have the money doesn't relief them of the obligation to spend it. it is the law of the land to spend the money. melissa: hang on, guys. hang on. we have to talk one at a time. what it actually says i'm not going to extend you anymore credit until you get your books in order. why should i give you more credit to spend when you haven't figured out how you're going to live within your means? why is that wrong, doug? >> that's right. in fact the fact that the you know, your teenager overspent their credit card doesn't mean you don't pay the bill. melissa: you say i will not raise the limit to get your act together. >> my point if you want to cut spending pass laws to cut spending. hitting debt ceiling doesn't do it. >> we have go different issues. one is the debt ceiling. the second is the sequester. doug is right, debt ceiling expiring doesn't automatically cut spending but the sequester does. cuts across the board manner, social security, medicare and medicaid
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
for a second, wheng we get through the debt ceiling debate, is there something that feels like a pro-growth agenda? are we going to have the issues under control? is it enough to get businesses confident in the future? and i think when we get through this, we'll be left with a 2% economy, 4% earnings growth, and it's going to be okay, but uninspiring. >> 4%, 5% earnings growth, plus 2% for dividends, that's not a bad year for the s&p. it'll get you to 1,550? >> we are in a mid single digit equities environment. it's not horrible as long as you're not expecting something that's, you know, that's 10%. >> look at some of these releases. i'm very impressed with the isms for services. very impressed with capital goods, factory order spending, factories isms, even the employment report showed good hours worked in income. are we underestimating the economy? forget washington, put that aside. >> are you underestimating the economy? it'll be 3% instead of 2%? >> it could be. let's put it this way. if you look, for example, at the cbo budget numbers, they are looking for this thing to get to 3
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
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Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
or is this something else that must be addressed before you get to the debt ceiling extension question? >> the debt ceiling is likely to come first. the funny thing is at this point to some extent there aren't any external deadlines they absolutely have to meet. these are all created by washington. historically the debt ceiling was not an occasion for a big policy change. it became one in 2011, the republicans successfully made that happen. but they could easily extend the debt kreiling the way washington has in the past. in some ways the bigger thing is the sequester. it was supposed to be january 1, they pushed it back to march 1. substantial cuts. not overwhelming but substan tomorrow domestic programs and the military. most people don't want them take effect and the question is can they come up with something else that would bring down the deficit instead of across-the-board sequester cuts scheduled for march 1. >> rose: i watched over the weekend the talk shows and mitch mcconnell, the leader of the republicans in the senate said the tax question is off the table. we've dwelt that so we only w
Jan 8, 2013 12:00am PST
removed some of these up coming deadlines, like the debt ceiling. and they didn't get one of those bigger deals. instead they got something in which obama won a pretty significant tactical victory. almost all the policies are vastly more to his liking than the republicans. but he didn't get any of these other deadlines taken off the table and that's a big risk for him because now the republicans have the potential of using the debt ceiling and possibly the sequester, these automatic budget cuts that will start taking effect in march, to really force big spending cuts and if obama doesn't agree potentially it will cause him substantial economic damage. >> rose: austan, i've talked to people who are wonderful negotiators and they always say to me "you've got to give the other guy something, it's never, never i win-you lose." did the president make a mistake by not at least giving republicans some spending cuts that they would have been able to take home? >> i don't know if i totally agree with that in this circumstance in that they -- the democrats moved on what level the higher tax rates w
Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
to refuse to lift the debt ceiling. but, you know, he cease himself as having won something in the fiscal cliff go-round, chris, and so -- and i think that boehner sees himself as having lost something and needing to win back the fealty of those tea party republicans. so i still think we're in for an ugly few months. but i think they -- if they won't do the debt ceiling, they have less leverage. >> what a country. let's drop left wing, right wing for a second. we're the country of the world, we're the role model, we're the city in the hill, right? what a joke teaching democracy this way. >> i'm not sure the framers of the constitution envision addai when the members of congress would hold the president hostage. >> and not pay their debts. >> by not paying their bills. you have the cr, the continuing resolution that funds the government running out in march. you have the sequester deadline, which they couldn't deal with this time. they kicked down the road to march 1. and you have the debt ceiling hitting about the same time. so you have three cliffs. it's going to be a three ring cliff, a
Jan 8, 2013 2:00am PST
, tightening the belt. something we're talking about in this country as we face the debt ceiling debacle, and in europe, that's causing a rise in unemployment. something economists are watching closely. earnings season will kick off here in the next couple of days. alcoa, the first big one, monsan monsanto. i'm listening to big commeecome. speaking of the debt ceiling, bipartisan policy center says we'll hit the "x" date maybe as early as february 15th. if you don't raise the debt ceiling, the u.s. can't pay all of its bills. a chaotic situation, a real problem. if we hit it then, we'd see $9 billion coming in on revenue, cash flow. that's on the left side. and to pay our bills, we have $52 billion due on committed spending the same day. that's a $43 billion deficit. with interest on the debt, urs refunds, federal salaries, military active pay, entitlement programs on the right side, so a big imbalance that will be bag problem and cause chaos in government and politics. i want to talk quickly about a big bank foreclosure. regulators have squeezed $19 billion over the major banks over the
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Jan 8, 2013 8:00am PST
are considering doing as part of these upcoming negotiations on the debt ceiling is requiring the senate to pass a budget, something that as you point out they haven't done for three years in order to have any consideration of a debt ceiling hike. i mean one would think that you won't have to put those kind of strict you ares on the senate in order to get it to do its job. it is the case that senate democrats in particular have sought to avoid any kind of restraint on spending, including the restraints that are incumbent on the body itself by just passing a budget. jon: when president obama, you know, directs his criticism at congress it always seems to be directed at the house of representatives and speaker john boehner, as if the democrats on capitol hill have nothing to do with the logjam. >> yeah, i think that's right. i think that is one of the key points in this whole broad discussion of government spending. people forget that president obama came to office, i mean there was a debate in august of 2008, a presidential debate in which president obama vowed to fix entitlement spending in his
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Jan 7, 2013 9:00pm EST
. if you don't raise the debt ceiling right away, it's not defaulting on their loans. the treasury secretary can cut other spending. it is basically a government shutdown. republicans have lost that in the past. but i think unless there is something that the president has to lose, you don't have any leverage in the spending cuts. gerri: you know, the far left and far right will think that that -- well, the different analyses of wh happened. they think will lives lost in the last debate what do you make of that? the republicans wee in a much weaker bargainingposition. what speaker boehner was doing anything that taxes went up midnight on december 31. he actually got a tax cut compared where would've been. everybody else was going to get higher income taxes and they didn't. in this case from the esident keeps more than what speaker boehner caved. the. gerri: you make a good point. i wanted to respond one more thing, which i found interesting. steve moore of "the wall street journal" said we had heard that i'm not going to negotiate with the president anymore and now we find out that
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am PST
something here. let's talk about the debt ceiling fight. >> he president will not play that game over the debt limit, this is holding the american country hostage. it costs billions of dollars last time that we don't have. so if they want to fight over shutting down the government that's up to them. but the debt limit just can't be something that we periodically bring the country to the brink over. >> stephanie: we were talking about some of the republicans literally waxing nostalgic. and not only was it a disaster for them politically, we were saying this isn't 1995 anymore. we are in a weak recovery, are we not? >> that ex-exactly right. and it's astounding to hear them talk about the fondness. it is do not what they should be talking about now. they should be talking about finding a way to work together to solve our economic challenges. but they seemed to have learned the wrong lesson from the fiscal cliff that they need to try to make up for double in the next one. but that will be disastrous if they do. >> stephanie: we have heard nancy pelosi and harry reid
Jan 8, 2013 12:00pm EST
that stops. >> pete, the debt ceiling debate is likely to get ratcheted up. all of these things are like live to keep a bid in bonds simply because of the volatility that will bring. >> how about the bid in something like the pharmaceutical sector, the utilities and murph brought it up earlier, when you can buy protection now and get yourself into positions that you think not only will increase but a case in like a merck, i've been in merck for a while, getting a 4% dividend yield. i haven't had a reason yet to decide when and if i'm going to buy some put protection. but for those that are far more conservative than i am, that certainly would be something that would flash in your brain. i'd rather be there far more than i would in bonds. >> td ameritrade reveals how investors really feel about the markets. >> and yum brands weather the shares. and we go to the largest tech trade show. >> verizon is making news and its ceo will join us after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids,
Jan 8, 2013 11:00am PST
. >>> republicans think the debt ceiling law is there to police government spending. i'll tell you why they're wrong and big surprise here, rush limbaugh talking out of his elbow again. i'm ali velshi. this is your money. up first, aig. >> we repaid every dollar america lent us. >> everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. >> for the american people. >> thank you, america. >> helping people recover and rebuild, that's what we do. now, let's bring -- >> aig, the massive insurance company that was at the center of the 2008 financial crisis was taking those ads to thank america for having its back and reminding us in not so subtle terms that taxpayers earned better than a $22 billion profit on the $182 billion bailout that aig got from taxpayers. now, i don't know what you do when you're grateful for something, but i'll tell you what aig is considering doing. biting the hand that fed them. aig's board is considering joining a lawsuit brought by shareholders in 2011 against the u.s. treasury department and the federal reserve that claims the $182 billion bailout was unfair to shareholders. whe
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)